5 Things Every Artist Should Know About Music Publicity

5 Things Every Artist Should Know About Music Publicity

With lots of new songs released every day, it can be difficult for any aspiring musician to break through the music industry's continual cacophony and congestion. Without the backing of a major label or large money to put behind one's music promotion, this endeavor can be considerably more difficult. Artists frequently spend their money in sound production but invest little or no money in public relations. This reduces their chances of breaking through the mold and establishing a legitimate career in the entertainment industry.

These are the five things every artist should know mentioned here:-

1. Expand Your Email Database

When I was Chris' publicist 10 years ago, I provided him ONE piece of advice that has assisted him to get to be a self-sustaining artist. I've offered this advice to hundreds, if not thousands, of singers, and yet only a few of us have taken it to heart like Chris. This is a timeless bit of advice that will never go out of style. All of your other lists, such as social media, are temporary, but mailing lists are permanent.

2. What It's Like to Work in Public Relations

Getting good exposure requires paying attention to what's right in front of you. EBook is about comprehending the entire PR process. It's a strategy and a guide that walks you/through what you are planning to do tonight and how you're going to create a publicity process. It all comes down to what's directly in front of you. Many musicians are obsessed with being "big" as soon as possible and are frustrated when they do not achieve their goals.

3. The Job Is Just Beginning Whenever You Believe You Can Stop

It's best to seek advice from colleagues and fellow artists who have gone through similar experiences, as they will understand exactly what you're going through. The release of your song does not imply that you are finished; in fact, you are far from it. There's always more to do, and the book's 11 artists share their experiences with keeping the momentum going.

4. What is the best angle for getting noticed?

Many artists believe that having a spiritual or inspirational perspective, as well as highlighted aspects like social equality or a hyphenated profession adds to your tale. It's not just about music and "listen to my music," but it's also about telling your narrative from a different perspective. It's new, and it allows you to promote yourself to various periodicals and publications. You won't be recognized in a weekly magazine unless you have a lot of clouts or a lot of money.

5. The more people that speak up, the better!

Gather a group that can elevate you regularly. The more people who promote themselves and their music to multiple sources at the same time, the better. A great listener or digital assistant can help you with several things. You don't need to employ a huge expensive PR firm to obtain the outcomes you want. We assist our artists in developing marketing strategies and assign them duties to help them improve their performance. It's approximate "who will lastly make such a pre-save link, social media tiles, etc." whatever you require! If you enjoy public relations but despise graphic design, hire a designer to create while you concentrate on PR.


Finding your footing as a musician can be difficult; especially in today's congested music industry. We hope these five-pointers have been helpful to all of your musicians out there! ZOOM Recording Studio is one such professional recording studio that houses a wide range of instruments as well as all of the latest technological tools. Check out our services and reserve your dates to learn more.

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