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⁠Production Analysis / Artistic Development

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Smoking studio available upon request at extra $10/hour

* Studio capacity is up to 6 (six) people.

Before using our services, free studio tours are available to demonstrate how our services work and where you will be carrying out your recording sessions. To schedule a free studio tour, please contact us on the number +1 818-806-9891, and we will gladly walk you through the studio and its recording, mixing and mastering equipment, and show you the atmosphere that you will be working in.

At ZOOM Recording Studio we offer a range of sessions for intermediate to professional artists. These sessions cover the recording of music, podcasts and audiobooks, and the services we provide include recording, mixing, mastering, vocal production, vocal tuning and editing, and beats. We also provide private events, photo and video, and industry consultations.

We offer three main options for recording sessions. These are:

  • Studio rental with no engineer

    With this option, you have full use of our studio with no engineer. This option is available for clients who have their own engineer who they would like to use, or for clients who are engineers or producers themselves and are confident in running the session independently.

  • Studio rental with Reboost skills Engineer

    Reboost Engineers best suited for creation - experienced engineers are provided who can focus on optimising the recording, mixing, and mastering of tracks. These engineers are also able to help craft a great industry-standard sound through the use of tools such as Melodyne, Autotune, Waves Plugins, and Pro Tools, resulting in the highest quality end product.

  • Studio rental with Advanced skills Engineer

    Advanced Engineers are ideal for those who feel as though they require more expert guidance surrounding the recording, mixing, mastering, producing, and marketing of their music for the industry. Experienced engineers are available for recording, mixing, and mastering services. Also they will help you with pitch correction, arrangement and even with mixing and mastering from stems. These engineers use Pro Tools, Autotune, Melodyne and Waves Plugins to ensure that the result is an industry-ready product.

Contact us on +1 818-806-9891 to book a free tour of our studios, or book now via our booking form.


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