8 Exercises to Ensure You're Always on Pitch

8 Exercises to Ensure You're Always on Pitch

Are you a new artist and want to learn how to sing on pitch?

To be a good singer, you must learn to sing on the pitch as well as sing in tune. Because these are the important aspects that make your music sound good. When your pitch and tune balance each other, it means you're hitting the right note that makes your voice and music enjoyment.

Singing is both a talent and a skill. You may have a good voice and talent to sing, but to become a renowned artist, you need to learn and polish your skills. ZOOM Recording Studio strives to help you become a good artist and gives you valuable tips on how to improve your singing skills. Here in this blog, we'll learn about exercises that you should adopt to stay always on pitch.

What is pitch?

Pitch in simple language is the high or low frequency of a sound. When you're in the process of singing, you create a pitch. This happens because your vocal cords vibrate at a certain speed. You're said to sing at a higher pitch when your vocal cords vibrate fast while when your vocal cords vibrate slowly, you're at a low pitch. You must not get confused with notes or tone, which are very different terms.

Steps to sing on pitch

1) Select the note you want to sing

As a beginner, it is always tough to decide the correct pitch to sing in. Your vocal range is the decision factor for your pitch. Identify it and make sure that the notes you use must remain within the comfort of your vocal range. Try not to make the task tough for you by opting for songs with notes that are difficult for you.

2. Play the note you want to sing on an instrument

To attain the perfect pitch for your song, tuning is important. For this, you must choose a well-tuned instrument as a reference point. You can use one of your favorite instruments, such as guitar, piano, or whatever is available to you. Living in a digital world, you also have an access to plenty of free piano apps, which are capable of reproducing whatever note you want to play.

3. Listen to your notes

To sing on pitch, it is quite essential that you listen to the note carefully and then visualize it in your mind. You could fail to focus on this very important issue due to the pressure of execution. But hold on. You need to take your time and imagine the note in your mind. You cannot afford to ignore it if you want to give 100% to your singing.

4. Sing the note according to the pitch you played

You may be excellent at playing any note on an instrument. But try hearing your voice simultaneously. The experience might surprise you, and your voice may appear strange to you. However, if you try listening to the voice that we mentioned in the previous step, you'll notice that your pitch begins to come close to your target.

5. Make improvements in the pitch

This is quite obvious. If you feel that your singing is not up to your expectations, try to focus on the note and try to bring it closer to the pitch. For this, you will have to spend some time practicing and improving your balance between note and pitch.

6. For a flat note, make your voice slightly higher

Once you have done enough practice, it's time to use your skills. While singing, if you notice that your note is flat or rather “under pitch”, you must sing at a higher pitch to match your voice with the note.

7. For a sharp note, lower your voice

Now as opposed to step six, if you find that you're singing a little sharp, lower your pitch so that you can sing in the right tune.

8. Once you have attained the right pitch, continue to sing in tune

To obtain the right pitch, you must adapt your vocal cords to suit the tune. This requires practicing and making your vocal muscles stretch and contract according to your needs. Once you have made your vocal cords move as per your wishes, you would feel that your voice starts vibrating with the note that you play and they remain perfectly in tune.


As a beginner, you may find it difficult to match your pitch with the tune. However, following the eight steps mentioned above practicing them would help you to perfect your singing ability. Again we mention that it's important for you to hear what you sing and then practice to bring your pitch to match the note. The process may take some time, but it's worth spending those times to improve you as an artist. ZOOM Recording Studio, a professional recording studio strives to help you achieve your dreams. We help you during the production phase. Our online and mastering services  are also there to help our distant clients. For any assistance, contact us .

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