8 Things Artists Wish They Knew At The Starting Point Of Their Career

8 Things Artists Wish They Knew At The Starting Point Of Their Career

In life, there are many things we do wrong, but we do not realize at the moment, and after the time passes by, we wish we could advise our younger self. Similarly, being an artist is also the same. We at the starting point of the career do many such things, which we later think we shouldn’t have done. So, from the talks of the artists who are mature in the industry, here is the understanding of their long journey and some tips to make your long way easy and near to flaws-free. These things if you adopt in the starting point of your career as an artist, the way to your success will be a bit easy, will keep you happier, and sorted.

Here are some things from our experienced artists, which they wish they knew at their younger age. 

1. Grow A Thick Skin

We understand that you give all the efforts and energy you have when you start to do something. But keep in mind that no one out there will ever appreciate you. There will be no great appreciation moments, so do not set your mood sad, and do not get demotivated. Grow a thick skin, learn from the mistakes, and believe in yourself that you can do better. Focus only on good things and not on the bad ones. Because as Swami Vivekananda says, “Each work has to pass through these stages - ridicule, apposition, and then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood.” So, make sure you pass through each stage very smoothly and carefully, with all the courage, to get the acceptance one day.

2. Be Confident In Your Vision

Things in the art industry are not right and wrong. It is all about the onlookers and their appreciation for your art. However, to reach the spectators, it will take a lot of time. So, you do not need to think that your art is not good, and there is some other right way to create good art. The art is art, and all you need to do is, stay confident with your vision. Create good things, do all the hard work required, and know that everyone has their own way of creating things. So, do your work, your own way. 

3. Stay Intricate With The Industry

To be in the industry, you need to go with the trends of the industry. Though you surely will be known for your work, but to get the viewers' attention, with the waves of social media, you also have to get intricate with the same, give yourself the exposure and get the attention of people towards your art. So, as the industry goes on, stay intricate and updated with the same. Do not leave yourself behind; do not wait for any time to start to get involved with the industry. Think as you are a part of the industry, and make yourself fit into it. And you need to do this from the very beginning of your career. Get involved to make your place in the industry.

4. Give Time To Your Art & Stay Committed

Now, what happens is, at the start of your career, you give your time to the administrative work, and not all your soul and energy to the art. If you do this and do not keep all your focus on the art, then the end product, that is your song, might have something missing. So, to manage the administrative work, hire somebody, and keep yourself completely involved in the music. 

5. Compare Yourself To Your Early Self Only 

At the starting of the career, many artists now say that they have made this mistake of comparing themselves to the other artists, which only led them to demotivation. So, DO NOT compare your good self to others and compare your growth to only your younger self. This will keep you positive for the other artists, will keep you motivated to do good, and will keep in your heart only the feeling of good and healthy competition. So, keep your competition with yourself, and not others. Trust your abilities and instincts and keep up only the good work.

6. You Need To Blend

By blend we mean, you need to Be nice, Learn more, Educate yourself, make your Network, and Don’t give up. So, if you do these things and keep creating good work, you will blend in with the industry well, and this will help you grow too. 

7. Your Art Is Not Just To Make You Money 

You need to know and understand that you cannot rely on the art for the money solely. Because if you do so, you might get bored after a time and you might focus more on money-making and not the art. So, as you need to stay committed to the art, and create good work, make sure you have other sources of making money too. And as you will have other sources to make money, you will give the love to art, and will not only work on the art materialistically. So, this is important to keep life alive in your art. 

8. Do Not Get Knocked Down By The Rejections

The music industry is really vast. And there are infinite compositions coming onto the shelf every day. So, even when you get experienced and have thrown many hits, there might be some songs, which the public would reject and would not give too much love. So, getting rejected initially might happen to you too, but that does not mean you will get knocked down. You have to stay motivated, strong, and learn from everything that is happening around you. And doing this all will surely hold your hand and make you stand at the door of success one day. All you necessitate to do is, keep doing the hard work and all your hard work, patience, and learning will pay you with your success one day.


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