How to Boost Your Confidence as an Independent Musician

How to Boost Your Confidence as an Independent Musician

Are you struggling with self-confidence? If yes, don't worry! It is a common issue, especially among newcomers. However, you can increase confidence with little effort and self-will. Read the full article to learn how to boost your confidence as an independent musician.

Why do artists need to have more confidence?

Being a creative professional requires a great deal of humility and vulnerability. What distinguishes an artist fr om the average person is the courage it takes to open up about your inner creative dialogue in a public setting. As an artist, you have the propensity to deviate from the "established narratives" of society. You will frequently create your own truths and theories. Most importantly, artists are the ones willing to use art to creatively draw attention to differences, injustices, inequalities, and under-addressed occurrences.

That creates the ideal climate for the scapegoat dynamic and can frequently be a very lonely place to be. The community tends to concentrate its efforts on discrediting and dismissing the person bringing up the issues rather than addressing their actual difficulties. All of this is to imply that if you have a passion for music, you will need to learn to accept a pattern of rejection, non-validation, and dismissal from those who are unwilling to listen to or experience what you have to offer.

Here comes the need to develop confidence and give individual worth, regard, and self-assurance a high priority.

The best five ways to boost confidence

Learn to accept yourself

Recognize and accept your shortcomings. Lean into them and embrace them. You are special because of them. Accept that you are not a particularly good singer. Recognize that you don't have to be a great or flawless musician. Be frank with yourself about your appearance, your musical talent, and your individuality. Avoid attempting to conceal it or feeling guilty about it. Work on improving yourself if there is anything you can do to do so (more on that below). However, don't let it become an obsession or a barrier to your achievement.

Develop a support system

Having a team of trusted supporters around you is one of the most self-supportive things you can do to boost your confidence and improve your creative experience. This is bigger than just your fans. These are real friends with whom you can have in-depth conversations about your adventure. These include other musicians, safe/close family members, best friends, partners, etc. Communicate with them, and share with them your ideas and feelings frequently. Use them as soundboards to bounce ideas off of. Hire a career coach or mentor. Create a group of friends with whom you can share support, encouragement, and uplift.

When things go tough, this support system will walk by your side.

Improve yourself

We have room for improvement because we are fallible human beings. You might feel self-conscious about your appearance or your musical talent, as I have mentioned earlier. You might feel inadequate in a number of other areas as well. Spend money on yourself and strive to get better. Learn to sing or play an instrument. Improve your appearance. Put on attire that flatters you and makes you feel regal. Spend money on classes that will improve your knowledge or abilities.

The more you put into improving your knowledge, abilities, or outward look, the more you are able to boost your confidence. There are numerous methods to better oneself, such as taking music lessons, improv courses, music engineering courses, branding courses, therapy, reading books, etc.

Start to Love Yourself

Negative self-talk and feelings of inadequacy are other issues that haunt artists. They frequently judge themselves against other musicians and rehearse unfavorable ideas about themselves in their brains. Do such ideas also trouble you? Brush them off. Remind yourself to think positively all the time. Affirm that you are special and that you are good.

Reframing your perspective might occasionally take the form of self-care practices like journaling, taking a day off, or rewarding yourself with a new technological device just because you deserve it. For someone with a highly developed creative ability like a musician, it takes a lot to create a happy and healthy mindset. Finding ways to take care of yourself, let off steam, and allow yourself to rebalance is crucial in light of this.

Self-love is a wonderful reminder that you are valuable and worth it, so start loving yourself from now on.

Stage experience helps a lot

Increasing your exposure to risky situations is one of the finest methods to boost your confidence. It can be quite nerve-wracking to be on stage or in a setting wh ere you have to perform or share your passion with others. As a musician, you expose those outside of your own zone to your internal creative process. You don't know what people may be thinking or how they'll react to your work. It's frightening.

But it's something you'll have to get used to as an artist. Increase your exposure to the stage to learn how to survive despite this discomfort. You'll feel more at ease on stage the more experience you have with it.


As an artist, having confidence can lead to more possibilities, fans, and ultimately, more money. It gives you the chance to take initiative and bring about change while lowering your anxiety or fear of putting yourself out there. You can walk in your rightful authority and thrive if you have self-confidence.

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