How to Export Sound Recordings from Your iPhone

How to Export Sound Recordings from Your iPhone

iPhone is a useful device that helps in recording audio and keeping track of your ideas, notes, podcast recordings, or voiceovers. Recording your sound, you don't need an expensive microphone or software. With a small iPhone in your pocket, you can record as much as you want. After you have recorded yourself on your iPhone, you can easily export the sound to yourself or someone else via email or iMessage. In this article, let's see how you can record sound on iPhone and export it.

Recording sound on iPhone

You can record sound using the iPhone in several ways, Voice Memos being the commonest way. Voice Memos is a built-in application in iPhone that turns your iPhone into a portable audio recorder. By default, Voice Memos is set in recording audio in compressed audio quality. It helps in saving storage space on your device.

To start recording, locate and open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone, and then press the red circle at the bottom of the screen. Next tap on the screen or swipe up to view the timestamp, audio timeline, pause button, replace button, and trimmer. Voice Memos has a “Pause” button, which you can use to stop the recording to take a break while recording your audio instead of ending the recording. To restart the recording, click “Resume” or click “Done” on the right corner. Now name the file according to your convenience and save it to your iPhone files.

Transfer the recorded file from iPhone

Once you have recorded your audio in Voice Memos, you can transfer it by highlighting it and then tapping the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen.

Now, you can share it via email or through iMessage.

For sharing it via email, tap the Email icon. You can now create a new email message and attach the sound recording. Next enter the email address of the concerned person in the “To” field, and if you want to send a message, write it in the body. When you have completed these steps, tap “Send” to export your sound recording from your iPhone.

If you wish you can also share your recorded audio as an attachment with an iMessage or as an MMS message. Select the “Message” option on your iPhone, type a phone number in the right place, and enclose the recorded file as an attachment. If you want, write the message in the body and finally tap the “Send” button.


Thus, recording and transferring sound fr om your iPhone is an easy process. It is very handy, and you can do it anywhere, anytime.

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