How to submit your music to the right people

How to submit your music to the right people


Los Angeles, the city of dreams and creativity, is a unique canvas for artists. However, in this thriving entertainment center, getting your music heard by the right people can be just as challenging as uncovering gems on Hollywood Boulevard. Fear not, LA artist! This blog is your compass in this maze. You can use it as a guide to ensure your music is received by the right music manager who can help you to realize your dream. Let's get started!

Start with a Solid Demo Make a killer demo before you hit the submit button—it's your musical business card! Spend some time perfecting it because quality is essential. Your demo will help you to make the first impression on the music manager.

Investigate Your Prospects Know your audience before sending your music. Investigate record labels, music managers, and blogs in your genre. For submission guidelines, visit their websites. Some prefer to submit via email, while others use SoundCloud, SubmitHub or other platforms. Customize your approach to increase your chances of standing out in a crowd!

Develop Relationships Don't send your music into space! Connect on social media by commenting, attending events, and networking. Building relationships opens doors to new opportunities. It helps you to find the right music manager for yourself. Engage with the industry to make your musical journey more enjoyable!

Craft an Engaging Email Next, you can send an email to your prospective music manager. However, while sending an email, keep your message brief and engaging. A personal touch can make a big difference. Mention why you like their work and why your music might appeal to them.

Professional Press Kit Create a professional press kit, which includes your bio, high-quality photos, and press releases. Assist them in seeing the complete artist in you. Presentation is important!

Follow-Up but politely Don't be discouraged if you don't receive a response from them whom you tried to approach. Follow up after a reasonable period of time - but be polite, not pushy. Sometimes, emails may get lost in their overflowing inbox.

Be Patient and Persistent Success in the music industry does not usually happen overnight. Continue to hone your craft, submit your work, and keep your passion alive.

Local Possibilities Don't overlook the local scene. Perform at local venues and open mic nights because Los Angeles is a hotbed for live music. Who knows who can be your prospective fans, music manager and others in the audience?

Consider Music Licensing Look into licensing opportunities for your music in TV, film, and commercials. These can be profitable avenues where your music may get heard by a larger audience.

Stay True to Your Sound While adapting and evolving is necessary, don't lose sight of your distinct sound and style. Authenticity attracts people in the music industry. You never know if your uniqueness might attract some well-known music managers or industry leaders.


Remember that every successful artist has to start somewhere, and it's often a bumpy road. Continue to hone your craft, be persistent and never lose faith in your music. Who knows, the right person could be right around the corner, waiting to discover your exceptional talent. So, keep the music going LA artist - your time to shine is approaching!

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