ZOOM Recording Studio is excited to introduce you to a new recording studio service which can elevate your music and bring you into contact with more people than ever before.

Let people in the process and connect with your fans on a more personal level. Show behind the scenes how you create your music and share your journey as an Artist.

The final result will be a lifestyle 3-5 minute Vlog video that you can stream across all platforms!

ZOOM Recording Studio offers the best recording studio services, including the creation of a studio vlog. Here, you get a captivating glimpse into the world of photo and video production. Experience the thrilling behind-the-scenes action as we showcase the concepts brought to life in our studio and document our creative process.

We at Zoom Recording Studio know the influence of visual storytelling. You can see how magic happens when talent, technology, and creativity come together in our studio vlog. We invite you to journey with us as we turn ideas into reality through captivating videos that deftly capture the essence of each project.

Our vlog gives you an intimate tour of our recording studio, highlighting our latest technology and meticulously planned spaces. You will immediately notice the energy that drives our team's passion for excellence as you enter our studio for various recording studio services. We'll introduce you to our talented staff members bringing their knowledge and creative flair to every project to ensure outstanding outcomes.

You can learn more about the various steps involved in photo and video production by viewing our vlog. Behold the pre-production and planning stages, where ideas develop into storyboards and minute details are painstakingly hammered out. Experience the thrill of our recording studio services, where the lights are set, the cameras start rolling, and the actors bring the scripts to life. Enjoy the magic of post-production, where editing, sound mixing, and visual effects give the finished product life.

Our vlog is a goldmine of ideas and information. Learn from our seasoned professionals' tips, tricks, and techniques to understand the artistry and technical mastery involved in various recording studio services, including the production of exceptional visual content.

Explore our Studio Vlog to join us on this exciting journey through the world of video production. As we share our enthusiasm for visual storytelling, prepare to be inspired, educated, and entertained. At Zoom Recording Studio, we strive to make your vision a magnificent reality!

  • 2 hr filming at the Studio
  • Edited and Ready video in up to 3 days.
  • Studio rental and Recording Session fee is not included
  • Add 5 Reels Videos for extra $80
Perfect to:
  • YouTube lifestyle video


You’ll walk away with a 3 to 5 min edited video, where you show behind the scenes of how you created your music and share your journey as an Artist.

Yes, our professional videographer will take care of you

Studio rental and Recording Session fee is not included

Yes. You will get the final product ready for all social media platforms by the end of your session.

It'll take about 2 hours of filming.

You'll get your custom made video vlog in up to 3 days.


Visit our Recording Studio FAQ page for more details or call us at +1 818-806-9891



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